Popular Music: Selling Rebellion

Learning Outcomes Reading Materials Deliverables Course Schedule Course Description: Singer-songwriters, punk headbangers, sharp-tongued rappers: what all of them have in common is a history of social commitment that defines their musical styles. Incidentally, they also share a complicated relationship with the commercial apparatus that produces and distributes their musical work. This course offers a unique… Continue reading Popular Music: Selling Rebellion

Heart of God

Vector graphic drawings based on my scholarly work. The series was conceived as ancillary material to my research on the metaphysics of art. It aims to render a phenomenological model of reality, and the gamut of possible experience, by means of visual communication

Gesture (2019)

Then I realised, even if late, that my gesture was seen but no hand would reach me back. I had walked down the hill, the narrow street, the back alley past the church where music still beats inside the walls. If corners could tell stories, if bricks could sing this song – If only –… Continue reading Gesture (2019)

En La Luna (2007)

Dramatised reading. This play by Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro is a remarkable sample of Latin-American absurdist drama. The comedy was written in the tradition of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi, yet with a distinctive deployment of language proper to the Creationist vanguard. More that one hundred characters on the dramatis personae; only four artists to bring them to life on… Continue reading En La Luna (2007)