The One Fear

This work tells of one who faces the road to fundamental fear. Sound is treated here in ways different from conventional musical creation and spatial emulation, yet taking advantage of both. Melody and rhythm are used to give identity to characters and form to their emotions. The stereo imaging of sounds does not put listeners at the perceptual centre. Instead, panning and fading are deployed to bring about a narrative in motion. From left to right, the fearful walks the path, overcomes anxiety and eventually meets the source of radical fear.

The horizontal 2-D logic of the narrative strategy interlocks with the timbric quality of the characters to gently evoke the aesthetics of early video games. As in gaming, it is advisable to follow closely the moves of the hero, the behaviour of the villains and their relation to the stage, in order not to miss their identities and confrontations. This metaphorical character of sound makes The One Fear an aural poem.

The One Fear was produced during a 24 hours non-stop session for The Kontest, an international art competition hosted by the KIKK Festival 2012 in Namur (BE). The manufacture of this piece is thoroughly based on additive synthesis. All sounds were produced with open source software. Listening with headphones is advisable.