The Dumb Waiter

Two hit-men, Ben and Gus, are waiting for instructions in a shabby basement in Birmingham. The idle time brings apparently vacuous words and random dialogues that progressively unveil themselves as sharp concerns.  Gus wonders about everything, Ben feels a little uneasy. From outside the basement strangers mange to affect Ben and Gus in singular ways: an envelope slides under the door, a dumb waiter delivers food orders, a speaking tube whistles.  As the story moves forward the situation becomes odd, increasingly unnatural, until logic itself breaks in a revealing collapse. The Dumb Waiter is about the fundamental anxieties of human existence.

This play by Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter was produced throughout a one-year workshop organised in collaboration with the International Student Network-Representation at Leiden University in the Netherlands. The team was comprised of students from Greece, Ukraine, Ireland, Lithuania and Venezuela.

  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Cast: Natalia Kadenko/John Gilmartin as Ben, Stella Mantzourani/Siobhan Brett as Gus.
  • Directed by Carlos Roos
The Dumb Waiter featured in Mare, Leiden University’s newspaper