The Palace of the Arabian Nights

The Palace of the Arabian Nights (1905) is one of the most spectacular productions of cinema pioneer Georges Méliès. Praised by its special effects, its ingenious set design and its lavish costumes, this silent film is invested in a chimerical recreation of the so-called Middle East, one that is fantastical as it is engaging. Méliès renders a valuable work of art, not only in visual terms but as a piece of narrative fiction of integral beauty.

The audience at the Museumnacht Rotterdam 2016

The present project is a cine concert based on Méliès’ classic. Using the same format that characterised early film exhibition, the idea is to screen the movie while performing a musical score for electric guitar, DAW and Foley props specially composed for the occasion. Following the Western Asian motives represented in The Palace of the Arabian Nights, this musical work turns to the maqam system and global music principles to fit the general theme of the motion picture – all this with the aid of musical software and a selection of live sound effects.

Number of presentations x duration: 4 x 30 minutes