The Teenage Rebel Podcast Show

Sometimes you need to say it. That’s not me! We need a change! Enough is enough! And sometimes music will say it for you, or through you, as you sing along. The Teenage Rebel Podcast Show is a jukebox confessional where young music lovers talk about their favourite songs and what they mean to them.

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This series is the result of ‘arts in education’ practices focused on storytelling and built around questions of music and identity. It also serves as an outreach project that shares scholarly-informed insights of young students to a wider public. Target audience: (1) teenage listeners with an interest in music and able to consume English-spoken audio products; (2) adult listeners with a positive attitude toward youth culture, social engagement and political change, appreciative of youngsters’ standpoints and opinions; (3) scholars interested in new educational strategies in the humanities and the social sciences. Written and hosted by pre-university students at the course Popular Music: Selling Rebellion, a collaboration between the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) and the Honours Academy at Leiden University. Original concept, production and faculty supervision: Carlos Roos, PhD.