Carlos Miguel Roos - About
Image by Tess Janssen (http://www.tessjanssen.net)

Carlos Miguel Roos Muñoz

Born in Caracas (VE) on October 22nd, 1979. Currently lives and works in Leiden, The Netherlands. Interested in music, sound art, performing art, installation art, photography, vector graphics drawing, and literature.

Active since 1999


Academic Background

  • PhD Philosophy of Art (expected 2016) Leiden University, NL
  • PhD Communication Science (expected 2016) Ghent University, BE
  • MA Philosophy of Art (2010) Leiden University, NL
  • BA Art (2005) Universidad Central de Venezuela, VE

Creative Competences

  • Audio software: Adobe Audition, Audacity, Djay for iPad, GarageBand, Linux Multimedia Studio, XENON Groove Synthesizer.
  • Music notation software: Musescore, Finale, Sibelius.
  • Vector graphics software: Adobe Illustrator, neu.Draw
  • Forming skills: musical composition, sound design, stage direction, literary writing, digital drawing, digital photography.
  • Performing skills: musical execution (plucked strings, percussion, singing), acting.