The following is a list of initiatives devoted to the dissemination and promotion of art as practice, involving not only my own work (sometimes not at all) but also that of others, including professional artists as well as amateurs and students. These activities were organised by Fundación Natura during the 2000s in Caracas, Venezuela.

Festival Hecho en Casa
Concerts programme at the House of Culture ‘Oswaldo Pérez Perazzo’​ and ‘Josefa Irausquín López’ secondary school for the promotion of local talents. Baruta, Caracas.

Festival de Musica Futura
Music festival showcasing the outcomes of the Music Education Programme of Fundación Nãtura. Venue: Don Henrique Eraso Cultural Centre, El Hatillo, Caracas.

Primer Encuentro de Bandas Escuela de Artes UCV
Four-month concert schedule for promoting college bands from the School of Arts, Universidad Central de Venezuela. Several venues in Caracas.